[TRANS] Royal Pirates, Japan’s Shibuya Tower Records Performance and Tokyo Showcase Completed

On March 30, Royal Pirates held an exciting live performance at the Tower Records in Shibuya, followed by a successful first solo showcase at the Laforet Museum in Harajuku on the 31st.

In the two days before, Royal Pirates had already performed a total of 3 times at university concert halls, opening for actor Lee Minho’s fanmeetings, through which the group met over 15,000 Japanese fans for the first time and was very well-received by all. Many people decided to go to Royal Pirates’ mini-live at Shibuya after seeing the group at Lee Minho’s event.

Shibuya Tower Records is world-renowned for its CD sales, but not so much as a place to validate new musicians and give them a stage to perform.

Royal Pirates, however, is an exception. For a week before its live performance, the group was promoted on the store’s big screens and more, receiving the wholehearted support of the store. Store officials were also very satisfied with Royal Pirates and its performance, which exceeded their expectations.

The following day, Royal Pirates held a showcase at Laforet Museum in Harajuku, the center of Japan’s youth culture.

This showcase had an audience of 500 people, and many of Japan’s currently famous label and industry insiders also observed the performance.

Especially from Lee Minho’s fanmeeting performance and the Shibuya Tower Record promotions, word-of-mouth about the showcase traveled quickly, and the group received requests of attendance from many music industry insiders within Japan. After the performance, the group received endless praise and hot interest, successfully taking the first step into Japan’s music scene.

After consistently holding large- and small-scale performances in both LA and Seoul, Royal Pirates performed at a large venue in Japan, rookie image completely nonexistent.

Royal Pirates, which not only has its own musical color, unique performance manner, and handsome visuals, but also has members proficient in Korean, English, and Japanese, can truly be called a global band.

Meanwhile, after coming back to Korea, leader Moon will head to New York to participate in the filming of SBS’s ‘Laws of the City’. In the future, Royal Pirates has plans to show its lively activities through various stages and broadcasts.

Source: http://topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=55960
Translator: @molcapi


[APRIL FOOLS] Drastic Change of Plans for RP!

As the title suggests, Royal Farmers (formerly known as Royal Pirates) have decided to take a break after tireless promotions In and Out of Korea.  Moon is actually flying to New York for his livestock farming NOT for the filming of Laws of City. While James and Sooyoon will leave Seoul to manage their own individual farms. We were informed of how they will live the simple life for the time being...
"I shall name you... MOOOOOn"
Moon - Lead Vocals, Banjo, Livestock farmer.
"My real other son"
James - Sub Vocal, Accordion, Llama farmer.
"Got milk?"
Sooyoon - Sub Vocal, Tin Barrels, Dairy farmer.
And a farewell portrait...! (sans Moon)
Let's wait and anticipate for Royal Farmers next comeback! Perhaps the next concept will be country music... ;-) Apologies in advance, as the website is still currently under maintenance upon this sudden news.



[TRANS] Kim Seongsu, Baek Jinhee, Jeong Kyeongho, Lee Cheonhee, Moon, 'laws of the City' Line-up Finalized

According to the associated press, with the addition of Kim Sang-soo and Moon, the five member line-up for 'Laws of the City' was confirmed on the 15th. They are getting a lot of attention for the new and fresh combination of faces including Jung Kyung-Ho who is attempting variety shows for the first time, Baek Jin-Hee, and the newbie Moon who is still mysteriously unknown.

​'Laws of the City' is a travel variety show currently being planned by Lee Jee-Won PD who directed 'Laws of the Jungle' which entails dealing with cultural experiences while traveling around to different cities all around the world. It is expected that the five members will provide a new kind of humor with their different, individual characters.

​This will be the first attempt at a variety program for Maknae Moon since his debut. It is said that he captured the hearts of the associated persons during casting with his native level English skills.

Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109806027
Translator: @89skim


[PERF] 140307 Rolling Hall Live

Yesterday, Royal Pirates had their first live performance after the culmination of their Drawing the Line promotions at Rolling Hall in Hongdae.

Setlist (in random order)

Shout Out [Eng version]
On my Mind
Drawing the Line [Kor version]
Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars cover)
Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover)
What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction cover)
Crazy love (Bumkey cover)

Unfortunately, due to computer malfunction, they couldn't perform an encore but they made fans happy by recording and uploading this video.

Some fancams here:
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5
(From James' side) Shout Out Eng Version On My Mind
(Moon focused) Crazy Love Shout Out Drawing the line

Fun fact: James mispelled "Crazy Love" (미친연애) in Korean and it turned to sound like  미친년 which means Crazy Bitch. Moon said he is cute.

Some short fan accounts:

  • Asked James if his foot was alright during the down time. He said it was fine. (˚ω˚)v Thank goodness~♥(^-^) [89Skim]
  • OH! And also asked Moonchul to speak in Japanese during the down time (before Get Lucky)  and he said "Konbanwa" (which is good evening XD) [89Skim] - More here: http://cafe.naver.com/royalpirates/539

James advertising their website royal-pirates.com

PS. We'll be adding more photos, links to fancams and credits later. ^^ Thank you everyone who shared their photos and videos. Seriously, what will we do without you? 

[Fan Event] RP Fan Get Together Spring 2014!

Are you in Seoul and would like to meet other RP fans? Next Sunday, March 16, come to Coreanos Kitchen for some fun times! Let's chat, spazz, eat and have fun! 

Please see more details in the image below or visit the fan cafe here: http://cafe.naver.com/royalpirates/539

For more details and questions, you can contact @89skim on Twitter!
The more the merrier! Have fun!


[TRANS] Royal Pirates First Album in Japan "SHOUT OUT"

Finally Royal Pirates is going to release their 1st mini album "Shout Out"  in Japan in March 24!

There are 6 songs including "Drawing The Line" which ranked 8th in Billboard World Album Chart, "You"  and etc. In addition, we'll invite all fans who will buy the album to a handshake event or  an autograph session!

And they're going to have gigs in Japan! They'll perform album songs and Japanese songs which prepared for this gig, so it will be a special gig! details will be updated today.

Let's join Royal Pirates' special live!

★We'll invite you to handshake event or autograph session!★

We'll invite all fans who bought the album to handshake event or autograph session which will hold for three days! People who bought the album in official site or general store can get one ticket to join handshake event or autograph session.(Choose one of two events)

And people who bought the album at TOWER RECORDS Shibuya shop can join autograph session which will hold in TOWER RECORDS Shibuya shop. Also there're gig and in-store event!

[Promotion schedule]
■March 29 (Sat)
Place:Pacifico Yokohama
12:00~ handshake event
21:30~ handshake event
(only people who bought the album at official site or general store can join)

■March 30 (Sun)
Place:TOWER RECORDS Shibuya shop
13:00~ in-store event
13:30~ autograph session(only people who bought the album at TOWER RECORDS Shibuya shop can join the autograph session)
15:00~ "K-POP Lovers" public recording  

■March 31 (Mon)
Place:Laforet Harajuku
13:00~ autograph session
(only people who bought the album at official site or general store can join)

※There's one ticket to join to handshake event or autograph session in the album which sold in official site and general store.
※More detail (ex. meeting time) is written in the ticket
※An autograph session which hold in March 30 is only for people who bought the album at TOWER RECORDS Shibuya shop.


title : SHOUT OUT
release:March 24 (Mon)
the day can be reserved the album:March 6 (Thu)

①Shout Out / English ver.
②You / Korean ver.
③Drawing the Line / English ver.
④On My Mind Lounge Mix / Korean ver.
⑤Fly to You / English ver.
⑥Shout Out / Korean ver.

Source: http://www.royal-pirates.jp/archives/459/
Translator Shiori


Sooyoon Performs a Drum Cover of Let it Go (Frozen)

Korea's craze with Frozen continues and Sooyoon joins in with his drum cover of Let it go.

If you can't watch it via youtube, try this link.


[TRANS] Royal Pirates opens official Japanese site! "Going to perform in Japan"

3 member global band which formed in the west coast of the US, Royal Pirates, are going to have activities in Japan.

Royal Pirates is the global band which debuted in Korea last year with skill and good looks through activity in the US for 4 years.
Their 1st album "Drawing The Line" was ranked 8th in billboard world music chart in this February.

Finally they will start activities in Japan. They opened the official site and they will have performance in Japan in March. Also they will release mini album "Shout Out."

We can expect "the Royal Pirates issue" in Japanese music market with their rhythmic and cool songs that you can't forget after listening it once.

translator: Shiori


[TRANS] Royal Pirates' Moon's looks at fan signing meeting becomes a topic!

Global rock band, Royal Pirates' member Moon's looks at fan sign meeting becomes a hot topic!

Recently, a picture was displayed in an online community message board with the title: "L of Infinite's doppelganger, Moon's amazing looks". In that picture there is Moon of Royal Pirates who smiles at his fans at fan sign meeting.

Moon's with amazing looks with casual clothes, a tender glance and high nose bridge attracted people's eyes, and he welcomed fans who attended the fan sign meeting in the cold weather with appealing smiles. His kind looks and hearts made using his both hands caught fans eyes.

They released their live acoustic video in Royal Pirates' official YouTube channel on February 14, Valentine's day. Moon and members gave an acoustic arrangement of Ra.D's "I'm In Love" which was requested by fans all over the world through  their fancafe and Facebook. With moon's tender glance and sweet voice he became a "pen-pabo" (doting star which means 'he loves his fans too much' or closer to 'doting parent')

The netizens who watched video and pictures said that: "He was called L's doppelganger but he has amazing looks in his own", "he is handsome. He has the sculpturesque beauty", "I want to see him in the real", "why does he have such a warm heart and tender looks?", "Amazing pen-pabo" etc.

Royal Pirates is getting popular through TV shows and gigs with their new song "Drawing The Line".

SOURCE: TopStar News
Writer: Kim Myeong Su
Translator: Shiori


Rolling Hall Friday Live 140307

If you like to see Royal Pirates live, then get ready for March 7, 2014 for the Rolling Hall Friday Live! Line up includes The Breeze, Human Race, and ICYCIDER. 
More details on the poster:
We'll be updating this post once we get more information. 


After School Club - Special MC Moon

A week after RP's variety show debut, Moon made his MC debut on Arirang's After School Club! haha. We can say that he indeed do us proud... bravo Moon! This episode features guest Rainbow Blaxx; James and Sooyoon make a surprise appearance at the end to show their support to Moon or.......

Royal Pirates on After School Club!

On 5th February 5pm KST, RP made their first variety show appearance on Arirang's After School Club. They were joined by MC Eric Nam and Special MC Kevin from UKISS! Let's review the fun and chaos that went on that day~


Moon's Lunar New Year Message

It's 설날 (Lunar New Year) and Moon decided to leave a message for the fans at the fancafe!  Here's the English translation for us who don't understand Korean.
Everyone who loves RP! Hello~ this is Moon.
2014 year has already started!
Haha...it feels like everything will go well because I’ve started this year by receiving a lot of love from you all.
I’m already 27 y.o., but it seems like it was only yesterday that I started making music with SY in the corner of my room….
That’s why I didn’t eat tteok while eating Tteokguk haha I only eat dumplings haha
It’s Lunar New Year's Day..how are you spending this day?
Just don’t eat too much. You will suffer from enteritis.. haha
I really did like the fact that we could see each other so close during our Serosu live performance.
It would be great if there will be more performances like that in the future. And fans, who couldn’t come- make sure to come next time!!
James, our Apple of the Eye family members and precious people like you all,
It looks like our dream is coming true step by step, what is really exciting,
I think we are really blessed.
Everyone, I hope that all the things you want to do and all your dreams will come true,
And please, don’t ever forget to believe in yourself!
Together with RP, let’s spend this year like a galloping wild horse!
PS. It looks like we’re not checking what’s going on here, right? haha I’m watching you! (I’m observing everything)  

Are you a member of the fancafe? If not, what are you waiting for?
Here's the link: cafe.naver.com/royalpirates


[TRANS] Serosu Live…Style of Cho Yongpil’s rookies

Global band, Royal Pirates’ “Serosu Live” has become a popular topic of conversation. Royal Pirates met their fans at acoustic live in Serosugil on January 29. Even though the live was a small live, many fans which are not only Korean fans but also foreign fans came and filled the hall. Royal Pirates performed their first mini album’s title song “Drawing The Line”, and other recorded songs “Fly To You” and “On My Mind” with vocalist Moon’s sweet voice which attracted the hearts of fan girls.
Bassist, James and drummer, Sooyoon got hot cheers of fans with showing sweet voice which in no way was inferior to Moon’s and guitar performance ability through each solo stage. They also showcased Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and Bumkey’s “Crazy Love” (Bad Girl) with their own style, and fans cheered as much as idol fans. They displayed their musical talents and the style of “Cho Yongpil’s rookies” through the stage which was completed with experience of club performances over several years. Royal Pirates is winning popularity through music shows and live performances with their new song “Drawing The Line”.

Source: Newsway 
Translator: Shiori


[VIDEO] 140129 Royal Pirates on Kpoppin!

This is RP's 3rd appearance on Arirang Kpoppin radio and they join the studio with DJ Isak (and Eric Nam?)~ No end to laughter!!
Check out the recording here!
Don't mind those notification sounds lol ^^;


[VIDEOS] Royal Pirates TV Ep 01 & 02

Team RP dropped fans a nice surprise with the launch of the 1st episode of Royal Pirates TV last week. Many fans have been longing for this, so it's nice that our wishful thinking has come true, no? haha ^^
Check out it~
Or English Subs (yay! thank you subber.)

and here's RP TV episode 2 which was released yesterday~