Nine concerts in seven days - it sounds crazy and it actually was crazy, but it was also really rare and amazing thing, as Royal Pirates mentioned themselves. I'm terribly sorry about lack of photos, but they are prohibited on such events in Japan... So I will just add ones that were officially posted.

14 February

Tour started on 14th February. It was Valentine's Day, so the very 1st event was especially prepared on that ocassion. In small and cozy club in Shibuya (5th Floor ouch) after waiting while listening to Shout Out album on repeat we finally got to see Royal Pirates. They looked as handsome as always (which I believe I don't need to mention). The setlist for the event: Love Toxic / Just the way you are (Bruno Mars cover) / Haru / Kimi Ga Suki (Mr Children cover) / Drawing the Line / You (Encore).
In between songs there was MC talk and contest. Moon was doing his best to speak Japanese only, other two used basic Japanese and English. As it was Vday one of the questions to RP was if they were getting a lot of chocolates in the past and what was their record. James started saying he hasn't really recieved chocolates because it's different in US (rather exchanging gifts with significant another than just girls giving chocolates to guys), but back in middle school he recieved two dozens of donuts. Sooyoon said that, rather than chocolates he's got love letters. Asked for amount he said "tissue box" and as MC proceeded to ask how big box he means Moon said "tisuueeee box" showing huge shape with his hands on which everyone laughted. Moon was left for the end and he said he wasn't really popular and he only recieved chocolates from his mom and sister (liarrr).

Another highlight was when MC complimented Moon's complexion and hairstyle. Moon said it's all make up and work of hairstylist then MC raised his hat up showing that he is bald and said that it's due to huge amounts of hairspray and other hairstyling cosmetics. Yes Moon, we know balding is not an option, so better be careful.
Event ended with Royal Pirates passing small gifts to all fans who attended. (Sooyoon, how is Haribo a chocolate? :P)

After that we went out and after 2 hours of waiting, next concert started. Before RP there was another band as a support. Setlist for RP was: Seoul Hillbilly / Love Toxic / On My Mind / Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover) / Disappear / Drawing the line / Kimi ga Suki ( Mr Children cover - Encore). Being able to see them live during debut and watching all possible fancams all time up until now, I can tell that they are really going back to rock roots, which is visible especially during Disappear (James' "metal" stand and screaming is back!) and Drawing the line that got revamped heavier way.

15th February

Few days prior to the tour additional event was announced - it was "busking" in Odaiba. Busking is not really right word for it in my opinion though since they had whole huge stage bulided for it just next to the huge Gundam monument (which they kept staring at during whole thing). In order to attend the handshake event after you had to buy an album. But just watching was free.
Setlist: Wonderwall (Oasis cover), Kimi ga Suki (Mr Children cover), Sooyoon Solo - I love you (Yutaka Ozaki cover), Just the way you are (Bruno Mars cover), Haru, On My Mind, Drawing the line. Just before the concert they went up the stage to check out instruments and Moon took out his phone to take that photo. Sooyoon was really shy before his solo, but he did awesome job, it's by now my favourite of his solo performances I guess. Other two asked fans to give him huge cheers.
Just before they performed Just the way you are Moon took off his glasses to, as he said, make it more romantic. After the show we took part in handshake event, they were really sweet during it and later on we headed to area of the evening concert.

Concert in club CAVE BE had 5 bands as support - at this one I was late so I can't really tell how they performed but other fans said it was quite boring. As for RP setlist - Seoul Hillbilly / Drawing the Line / Stockholm Syndrome (Muse cover) / Love Toxic / Disappear / Supernatural (Encore). For Love Toxic they asked fans to dance and James demonstrated it with "raise the roof" movement. But as for all songs - Stockholm Syndrome made me feel like lying on the floor weeping, I guess this is my favourite cover by them, and the moment "I wish I could" when both Moon and James screams makes me weak.

16th Feburuary 

Concert was in club in Shinjuku and I was lucky to stand in the very front. Before RP few really great bands performed - all fans called them ikemens and they really were, but musicwise I enjoyed as well. As for RP setlist - Disappear / Seoul Hillbilly / Wonderwall (Oasis cover) / Love Toxic / Drawing the line / You / Supernatural (Encore). At the end of encore Moon has thrown his guitar on the stage and Sooyoon added one of his drumsticks to it. However Moon forgot to turn the guitar off and it started to make odd sounds so he ran back on stage awkwardly and everyone were laughing.

17th February

On that day weather went really bad - it was cold and raining but club was quite nice, I guess it was one of bigger ones. Setlist on the day: Shout Out (Eng Version) / Get Lucky (Daft Punk cover) / You  / Love Toxic / Stockholm Syndrome (Muse cover) / Drawing the line / Supernatural (Encore). Moon broke string during the performance and as he was switching guitars he said his arm must be really strong. Then James proceeded to say that Sooyoon always breaks strings and it's surprising since normally he is nice and kind guy and he don't know where so much energy and tension hides.

18th February

This one took place at Okubo Hot Shot. Yet another cold and rainy day. Setlist: Drawing the line / Love Toxic / Wonderwall (Oasis cover) / Kimi ga Suki (Mr Children cover) / Seoul Hillbilly / You / Disappear (Encore). James said that it's really priceless and memorable experience for them, as they are able to do such tour for the 1st time and that it reminds him of the times when he was touring with Azusa. He said it all in English and asked if anyone can translate for him and Moon offered help. They also thanked people from overseas for coming.

19th February

The last day of the concerts with support bands. Also the only one out of the tour when Moon and James switched places. Normally it was Moon on the left and James on the right, this one was other way around. Setlist for the night: Seoul Hillbilly / Drawing the line / Wonderwall (Oasis Cover) / Love Toxic / Disappear / Supernatural / You (Encore). At some point Moon literally drank whole bottle of water in one shot, James kept going like "Sugoi!". 

20th February 

The very last one.  I think the biggest audience attended it, they also had whole bunch of media in and more A.O.E. workers than on other ones (whole event was mainly organised by IMX). Setlist for the night: Shout Out / Seoul Hillbilly / Love Toxic / Disappear / Betting Everything (James solo on piano) / I love you (Sooyoon Solo - Yutaka Ozaki cover) / Street / Circus (Britney Spears cover) / Stockholm Syndrome (Muse cover) / Supernatural / You (Encore) / Drawing the line (Encore). 
On this one they had translator, however it was one from Korean to Japanese so it hasn't helped me much, my Japanese understanding is only basic so there was no way for me to get everything.
The very 1st funny moment was when the translator appeared, or rather the voice coming from the air. RP went like "Who are you? Where are you?" and Moon looked up saying "Kami-sama?!" ("God" in Japanese).  Whole concert had far more talking than the other ones and James and Sooyoon kept forgetting translator only translates from Korean and they were talking in English (I'm thankful though). 
Before James had his solo, and it was after Disappear, he said it will be weird and huge change of mood and that he is sorry in advance since he is not the main vocal in the band. He was totally amazing though and the piano version brought out the emotions even better. Later he announced Sooyoon's solo, and as our drummer felt a bit bad before the concert, both James and Moon kept asking audience to cheer for him. He slayed on his solo though. And then all three went up the stage again and Moon made long introduction to Street. From what I understood it's a song that he wrote still back in LA and it's about missing someone important to you. I've heard it on fancams from Hard Rock Cafe concert in Seoul, but it was even better now - I had tears in my eyes. 
Then they asked if anyone knows them from Youtube times (I was cheering and waving like crazy then) and they introduced Circus, saying that back when they posted it, it was placed on Britney's official website. 
Concert ended with huge cheers, I think everyone used the very last amounts of energy. And later on there was handshake event and photo time for ones who had All Day Passes.

General Thoughts

Attending so many concerts in such short period of time was really tiring for me (not to mention the fact I spent rest of the days sightseeing), but it was sure worth all the energy and all sore muscles. Observing Royal Pirates for few years already and following all their activities as much as I possible, I can say that they improved a lot and they keep improving. From how they arrange songs and how they present on stage, to how they engage with audience. Their voices and singing skills also improved a lot, and it goes for all 3. I was kind of sad the setlist was quite limited, if you look at the particular days, they quite performed mostly same songs, but I understand that it would be really hard to prepare more. The ones they picked though were great, so I enjoyed every time they performed. And all that silly things, like James saying he likes how everyone gets mad when they say it's the last song. Or how they were happy hearing cheers. And the intense headbanging during heavy songs. And all drumsticks Sooyoon destroyed...
I can also say they really enjoyed themselves performing, that seems to be really their thing to do, more than TV shows etc. and I wish them to be able to have more of such concerts.
The way the songs were arranged, into quite rockish way, makes me stoked for the upcoming album too.
Hope you will all keep cheering on Moon, Sooyoon and James and that one day they will get to have worldwide tour so they will be able to meet all fans all over the world.
Rock Hard & Love Easy!

If you are searching for offcial updates and photos from the tour and updates from their stay in Japan check out RPJapan Twitter


5 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Royal Pirates in Bangkok

D-6! Only 6 days left until Royal Pirates grace Bangkok with their talent. It has been a long wait for Thai fans and we can feel the excitement flowing!
Do you have your tickets ready? Yes? Good, see you there. Not yet? No worries, there's plenty of time left. But if you are not yet sold that you should see this show, let me give you 5 reasons why it's a mistake to miss this one.

1. It is a full-length showcase.  I'd like to say this is more than just a showcase, but a concert. Not a measly 30-minute performance, but 2 hours of rock goodness from a band hailed as a Super Rookie by none other than Korea's rock legend Cho Yong Pil.  Expect them to play their hit songs from Shout Out to Love Toxic, as well as their rendition of well known songs, possibly, even one or two that they did from their Youtube era. (Hint: Circus?) 

2. These boys are talented, and best seen LIVE. Sure you've seen them in Music Core and Inkigayo, you've watched fancams, but nothing is far more gratifying than hearing them work their guitar riffs, drum solos and and hear Moon's melting voice live. You can't possibly get that euphoria of re-living the moments just from watching  fancams from Youtube. Jump, scream and sing along all you want, no one will judge. :)

3. Communication is no problemo. Raised in the US, all three boys are fluent in English. If you're worrying you won't understand a word they say, that's not going to happen. We know, and you know how hard it is to watch something and pretend you understand. If you've been to other KPOP concerts, that's mostly the case, unless they have an English speaker in the group.

Watch them banter in English here: 

4. See the boys up-close and personal. If watching the concert is not enough, the organizers have prepared activities for the fans to be able to interact with the boys. There will be fan-signing and photo sessions, and fan-led activities for the attendees to enjoy. Official Royal Pirates merchandise will also be available at the venue, so make sure to bring some extra cash. :)

See below schedule for the day, so you don't miss anything.

10:00 - 11:30:  Ticket Booth open to claim for Pre-Sale and Promotional ticket, including booth of selling Official Merchandise and CD.

11:30:  Lining for photo session and fan sign event.

12:30:  Photo session and fan sign event begins.

13:00:  Lining for “Royal Pirates 'Love Toxic' Showcase in Bangkok”  Regular price ticket claiming

13:30:  Door Opens (Regular price ticket)

14:00 - 16:00:  Show Time

5.    Meet new friends and have a blast. If you are going alone, don't fret, Royal Pirates fans, Royal Treasures are friendly! You may be going in alone but it surely won't be the case after. With the activities lined up for fans, you'll meet at least one good soul to talk to and enjoy the concert with. Wear a smile and strike up a conversation; who knows, the person next to you may just be your new best friend .

If these reasons aren't enough, I hope this photo will be the deal breaker. :P

Tickets are still available at ThaiticketMajor and also on the event day as well. See you there!
For more details, visit COPYRIGHT CTR FB Page or Twitter @CopyrightCTR

Here's the map to the venue:
159/8 Soi 10, Sukhumvit 55, Klongtannua.
Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand


SNS Round-Up [141004-141011]

Think you missed any update from our boys from last week?
Don't worry, here is everything that happened and we will try to make this a weekly thing.

4th October (Saturday) /day of Lee Minho concert in Beijing/

5th October (Sunday)

6th October (Monday)

 + video

7th October (Tuesday)

Going to sleep early, huh?
translation: Goodnight

8th October (Wendesday)

9th October (Thursday)

10th October (Friday)

trans: That is a good pillow~~ Thank you~~ ^^

11th October (Saturday)


RP's "What Should I Ask" Fancafe Event Part 2

Members' sleeping habits, relaxation techniques, what they do on free time - know about these and more in this second answer sheet! 

Thanks to @heymeowmao of @fyroyalpirates for the help in translations!
(which includes correcting my horrible translations.) - J
And to @royal_pearl_ for bringing to light some on Moon's answers.


ROYAL PIRATES Nominated The Leaders of Japan, China and South Korea in The Ice Bucket Challenge

‘A Prayer for Peace in Northeast Asia’

TVREPORT | 2014, August 21st

The three members of South Korea’s rock band, Royal Pirates, participated in the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ and appointed the leaders of three countries, Japan, China and South Korea

Midnight on the 21st, a member of Royal Pirates, James who was nominated by a singer, Eric Nam, posted a video of them bathing in ice water for ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis) patients through the official YouTube channel along with this description "After finishing the preformance at Club Citta ofJapan, Royal Pirates were doing the ice bucket challenge!"

The ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is a charity campaign which was started in order to raise awareness of ALS (Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis). After having the ice water on the participants from their head, apparently the three members were invited to take a part in the campaign. The rule was having the ice water within 24 hours or donating $100 (about 10,000 yen) to ALS support groups.

This time, in the published video, Royal Pirates, in front of the audiences, named Park Geun Hye (Prak Kune), President of Korea, Xi Jinping of China, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan to be the next participants for the unity of the three countries in Asia.

Royal Pirates explained why they nominated the leaders of the three countries in English, "Aside from the peace and unity of Northeast Asia, we're also hoping that all of the people can live together in harmony. The participation of celebrities makes the champaign known by people. In order to spread about this event, we chose the best suited three people."

Then, Royal Pirates lifted the bucket of ice water over their heads and cleared the mission to bath in ice water. Particularly James, he even poured the remaining water in the ice box over his body. This earnest participation in the champaign received enthusiastic support from the fans in the site.

This case, nominating a leader of a country as the next participant, has happened before. Justin Bieber and a NBA player, LeBron James, nominated President Obama of US while actor Vin Diesel, nominated the first lady, Michelle Obama, and President Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Park Sun'iru, former coach of a professional basketball player, Ulsan MOVIS, serves as a representative of 'Hope Sun'iru Foundation' which was established for ALS patients in Korea. The donation is expected to be used for the establishment of Korea ALS Care Hospital. Many participants' situation, even though they've bathed in ice water, they've practiced donations as well.

In overseas, celebrities in every area and on every level have participated, such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Zhang Ziyi, Justin Bieber, and soccer player David Beckham. In Korea, SEAN, Yoo Jaesuk, Yang Dong Geun, Jo Insung, and Choi Minsik have participated. With Royal Pirates nominated the three leaders, Kwanghee from ZE:A nominated Mayor of Seoul, Park Wonsun, 'Ice Bucket Challenge' has attracted greater interest.

Royal Pirates has cleared the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, but also donated $100 (about 10,000 yen) each to the ‘Hope Sun'iru Foundation’ under the name of each member.

(source : news.kstyle.com/article.ksn?articleNo=2001939)
Translated by Fla


Music Show Round-Up [140908 - 140914]

Third week of promotions for Love Toxic is done! Here's the round-up of their music show performances.

140910 Show Champion

140912 Music Bank

140914 Inkigayo


[RADIO] 140915 Arirang Radio Sound K

Royal Pirates reunited with DJ Stephanie from SoundK at today's episode of the show. If you remember Stephanie was filling in for Sam for SuperKpop last time they met.

Warning: Lots of laughter ahead, please prepare your jaws. 


Music Show Round-Up [140901 - 140907]

Only two TV performances this week but still better than nothing!

MTV The Show - 140902

Show Champion - 140903

Music Show Round-Up [140827 - 140831]

Hello! This is the first edition of the weekly round-up of Royal Pirates' performances in music show. We'll summarize and post videos of their performances every week in for your viewing pleasure!

140827 - Show Champion

140827 - MCountDown

140829 - Arirang Simply Kpop

140831 - Inkigayo

Which one is your favorite comeback stage? Let us know in the comments below!


Royal Pirates Drop 2nd Mini Album Love Toxic, Music Video + Promos!

At exactly 12 MN of August 27, Royal Pirates unveiled their newest music video for their single Love Toxic or 사랑에 빠져. Moonsanova  (Moon+casanova) is back in this music video trying out his luck again! Check out the music video below!

The mini album, dropped at noon today, is now available in various Korean Music portals:  Olleh, Naver, Daum, Genie, MNet and Melon.

Royal Pirates' 2nd mini album has five tracks including:
  1. Haru
  2. Love Toxic
  3. Betting Everything (Eng Version)
  4. Seoul Hillbilly
  5. You (Eng Version)
For lyrics an translations, head on to: FYRP

A number of  Kpop idols have expressed their support including Ukiss's Eli and Kevin, BTOB's Peniel, Busker Busker's Brad, F(x)'s Amber, Super Junior's Ryeowook, Uhm Junghwa and others.

There's also an album release event going on where 38 lucky fans will get AWESOME, and we say AWESOME prizes! Check the image below, with translations from FYRP.

A special event to get Love Toxic's music video 500, 000 views in Youtube is also underway! 
Details below:

Are you liking Royal Pirates' comeback so far? Stay tuned for schedule updates and other juicy stuff by following our twitter @theroyalvoyage! 


Royal Pirates take on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Tagged by Eric Nam yesterday, James, together with Moon and Sooyon took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today, right after their photo session of their second show at Club Citta. You can see James and Moon testing out the water and jumping because of the coldness. They've also spoke about peace in Asia and tagged Korea and China President and Japan's Prime Minister.

While the Moon and Sooyoon got buckets, James decided to step it up and use the ice chest filled with cold water. After dumping cold water on themselves, the boys proceeded to throw water at each other, earning laughter from the fans watching. Watch the fun clip below.

Sooyoon even posted an Instaram photo of the challenge.