[NEWS] Royal Pirates to Release Third Digital Single

Last night on Law of The Jungle episode 2 we could hear a studio version of a song James sang on After School Club episode 43 and Serosu Live. Twitter were full with fans who were curious about it.

James wrote and composed this song himself in his tough time adapting to live in Korea, leaving his familiar environment in USA to pursue his dream in music. This song shows the strong will of James to win over difficult circumstances and achieve his dream.

Today, Royal Pirates made a statement the song called Betting Everything is scheduled to release on July 21st, 2014 through all online domestic music portal sites. The album itself contains two version of the song, rock version in korean and acoustic version in english.

We are definitely looking forward to it. Lets support James and give much love. We will surely enjoy this, James!

Betting Everything by James and Moon on Serosu Live




[SUMMARY] Law of The Jungle: Indian Ocean Episode 1

This time it's James' turn to show his skills, being cast away in the middle of nowhere. On the first episode of Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean broadcasted on SBS on July 11th, James, along with other members  (Kim Byungman, Kim Seungsoo, Park Hwisoon, Kang Jiseob, After School's Uee and Teen Top's Niel) traveled to deserted island to live and survive on their own, almost with no belongings. 

source: http://royal-pirates.com/official/?p=1153

The episode covers whole trip from Seoul to the final destination, introducing the cast in the meantime. They explored the land and tried to find things they could use in the future, experienced some difficulties along, here and there, since they have to find food and build a shelter. How will they survive? Watch the full episode if you want to see what happened to them on their first day!

James struggled with his Korean - even though it has improved a lot, yet he still uses English sometimes. You can see him being a gentleman and always ready to help the other members. He is very reliable and even putting his 'giant' body in a good use! There are a lot of funny parts and priceless expressions of him as well. Here is one of the best:

What exactly happened to James? You have got to check out on yourself! We won't spoil the surprise.

Law of The Jungle torrent download links:
Dailymotion RAW
p1 http://t.co/Nih2mfNR8a
p2 http://t.co/MkTXoQOKtv

PS: You can see both funny and handsome sides of James, so make sure you won't miss it and also be ready for the upcoming episodes!


[EVENT] Royal Pirates to Perform at Citybreak 2014

The line-up is finally out! If you want to see more of Royal Pirates and their live performance be sure to get ready for Citybreak 2014 at Jamsil Sport Complex, Seoul. They will perform on the first day, August 9th, along with other amazing line-ups such as Ozzy Osbournes, Psy, Deftones and Hoobastank.

More details in the poster below

They already sell the ticket and only for limited quantities so be sure to check out their website http://citybreak.superseries.kr/ for more information. 



After quite a while, Royal Pirates finally showed up with their live performance. They performed on June 22nd at Soundholic Festival at Jamsil Sport Stadium, Seoul. They kicked-off the stage with their usual awesomeness and an additional guitarist. 

Setlist (in no particular order):
Shout Out
Get Lucky
Seoul Country Bumpkin (their new song!)
On my mind
Drawing The line
Locked out of heaven

Here are some of the official photos of their performance:


You can check out the full gallery here http://royal-pirates.com/official/?cpt_galleries=soundholic-festival-june-2014.

After the performance, they held a fan sign event and some lucky fans even captured the moments and shared it with us.
credit to: Moon Light on Twitter

credit to: Moon Light on Twitter

credit to: Moon Light on Twitter

credit to: @Royal_Pearl_ on Twitter

credit to: @do2chu on Twitter

credit to: @Royal_Pearl_ on Twitter

For those of you who couldn't watch their performance, there are some fancams you could enjoy:
Seoul Country Bumpkin (their new song!)
(credit to: Yumi Choi @ Youtube)

And also more videos with Moon's Focus:
and many more!
(credit to: Moon Light)

We also snatched some instagram account that posted their fancams!

ps: thank you for everyone who shared the videos and photos so that everybody around the world can enjoy their performance too!


[SUMMARY] Law of the City Episode 1

On June 11th, Law of The City was broadcasted on SBS. A group of people make a long journey to start a new life in New York City, far from their hometown.

The first episode,  “People of Seoul, Becoming New Yorker”,  where you can get to know more about the characters,  Kim Sung Soo, Lee Chun Hee, Jung Kyung Ho, Baek Jin Hee, and Kim Moonchul, tells us about how they have to live in New York for a month and have to figure out everything on their own. They gave up everything comfortable at home, pushed into a harsh, unfamiliar environment and told to survive.

They made an agreement with Law of The City that from start to finish, they can only rely on their own strength. They will not receive any goods for free and all their living expenses will be earned by themselves, not to mention they can’t use their own money at all. Even Moon who has lived in USA before and speaks fluent English, hasn’t been to New York. Would they survive to live in the city they have never been to?

On the first day of arrival in NY, after 14 hours flight from Seoul, they expected to feel the beauty of The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, but luck is not on their side. Instead of the glamorous Manhattan, they have to live in Brooklyn, in a weird-looking house (?) in an industrial neighborhood. First thing, they gathered all of the stuff they need to prepare and clean the house, sounds piece of cake, but even these basic activities weren’t easy to do. Some of them actually had to dig the trash can to find something useful they can use! Watch the full episode if you want to see their struggle to prepare to live. 

Also in this episode, you can see how Moon’s English skills eased everything and made things a bit easier. The whole NY family relied on him when it came to English-speaking action. His skillful English attracted kids, women, girls, even pets. He even got his nickname because of his popularity, Moon-sanova!

Despite the tension, pressure, and emotion, it seems they are getting closer as time passes by. How will Moon and the New York family survive on their first day? Stay tuned on our website for more updates!

Links to whole episode: PART 1 | PART 2

PS. We are currently working with fuckyeahroyalpirates and Royal Pirates Vietnam to sub the episode. Thanks to Ann of FYRP for the translation! :D



[Newsen article by Reporter Lee Na-rae / photo by Reporter Jung Yoo-jin]

Royal Pirate’s Moon reflected on the hardships of living in New York.

A press conference for SBS ‘Laws of the City in New York’ was held on June 3rd at 4 PM on the 13th floor of the SBS Hall Seoul Yangcheon-gu Mok-dong SBS Broadcast Center. On this day, Kim Sung-Soo, Lee Chun-Hee, Jung Kyung-Ho, Baek Jin-Hee, Moon(Royal Pirates), Ailee, John Park, etc cast members and those in charge of directing, Lee Ji-Won PD, Baek Jung-Ryul CP, Ha Seung-Bo (the director of variety programs) attended brightening up the place.

When asked what was the most memorable thing that happened, Royal Pirates Moon answered, “It was really hard at first. I was so hungry that I went through the trash. It was sad. Later on, of course, it felt satisfying though because older bro Chun-Hee (Lee Chun-Hee) made something useful out of some of the trash we had collected.”

Adding honestly “Royal Pirate’s member James came back from filming ‘Laws of the Jungle’ and we still talk about this often. About who had a tougher time… I had a tougher time probably. 'Laws of the City’ gave me a lot of things to think about mentally.”

The concept of the program ‘Laws of the City’ is not simply a short tour of famous tourist destinations but it is a reality program that looks at various walks of life in a different country, in an unfamiliar place called a big city, explained through the use of humor and moving emotion. The concept of the program is that the cast members live in a particular city for the duration of time allotted and live, taking care of their basic needs for living all on their own.

SBS ‘Laws of the City in New York’ is the 2nd project by Lee Ji-Won PD who also created ‘Laws of the Jungle’. It is highly anticipated because it will realistically show the stars’ ability to survive after being dropped without a penny. The first broadcast will be this coming June 11th.

Translation: @89skim


Translator's Note: By the way, if you haven't already seen it, this is what @moonchul had to say in regards to this headline. xD

Translation: "I didn't go through the trash because I was hungry but because I was trying to find something useful lol"



[E-Daily. Star in - Reporter Kim Eun-Goo]

A lot of attention is being placed on whether Royal Pirate’s Moon will become the new variety bluechip through SBS’s new variety program ‘Laws of the City in New York’.

Royal Pirates is a 3-member band not yet familiar to the public. However, Moon showed activity in the video previewed at the ‘Laws of the City in New York’ press conference held at Mok-dong, Seoul on the 3rd that was not at all insufficient in letting people know of their group name, the “Royal Pirates.”

Moon, who is fluent in the English language due to having immigrated to LA, North America when he was 11 years old, showed his ease in getting along with people from all parts of the world they met there, unlike Kim Sung-soo, Lee Chun-hee, Jung Kyung-ho, Baek Jin-hee, and the other cast members.

He was especially popular with the ladies. John Park, who was added as a helper to help the cast members with living on-site, said enviously, “Moon has a style that appeals well to foreign women. He and I went around together a couple of times and women only talked to Moon, not showing interest in me at all. They took care of Moon and were very friendly, touching him and such.”

Moon stated “I am thankful that I was able to participate in a big project like this even though I am a total newbie who just debuted a little over 200 days ago” and “The greatest gain harvested from this has been the PD and writers, and the family (cast members) that were on the show with me.”
‘Laws of the City in New York’ is about stars leaving the familiarity of Seoul to try and survive without a penny in the strange city of New York. It can also be said that it is the city version of ‘Laws of the Jungle.’

Along with Moon and John Park, cast members for ‘Laws of the City in New York’ include Kim Sung-soo, Jung Kyung-ho, Baek Jin-hee, and another helper, Ailee. Broadcasts will be every Wednesday starting on the 11th.

Kim Eun-Goo (cowboy@edaily.co.kr)

Source: http://starin.edaily.co.kr/news/newspath.asp?newsid=01741686606118112

Translator: @89skim

[TRANS] "Law of the City", First Broadcast June 11.. Replaces "Oh My Baby"

The SBS variety show “Law of the City” will have its pilot broadcast on June 11.

“Law of the City” is a reality program in which the participants go to foreign places in the cities of different countries and solve life problems through laughter and moving moments. For 20 days, from this past April 1 until April 22, the “Law of the City” team, whose filming was in progress, finally found drama.

There are great expectations from this program because of its impressive cast and production crew. The cast includes actors Kim Sung Soo, Lee Chun Hee, Jung Kyung Ho, Baek Jin Hee, Royal Pirates band member Moon, singers Ailee, John Park, and the production crew includes Lee Ji Won PD, who created “Laws of the Jungle”, and together they create new laughter in the city.

There’s buzz that the filming of “Law of the City” is realistic, but also interesting. Thanks to the actors’ talents which are hard to see, especially on variety programs, and the emphasis on realism in the production crew’s filming method, this new picture has created a message.

If “Law of the City” follows the success of “Law of the Jungle”, then it may be possible to make it a regular success. Let’s look forward to the image of stars in the city.

Picture from "Law of the City" official Facebook.

Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109862626
Translator: @molcapi



On June 1st, Sooyoon posted a five seconds video on his Instagram account which shows him playing drum passionately at a rooftop with buildings as background. At the end of the video,  ‘I am not stupid’ tagline shows. 

Sooyoon used #IAMNOTSTUPID #CF #TEASER as hashtags, so it gave us clues that it is a commercial film and a teaser, obviously. You can watch the whole video here:

You can also see behind the scene video here:

If you look closely, beside the ‘I am not stupid’ tagline, there is a word ‘YAP’. After sometimes of research it leads us to this Youtube account http://www.youtube.com/user/IamNotStupidkr (apparently the video has been posted on May 18th)  and a website www.yap.net.

It appears that YAP is an application that explains itself as smart-consuming/er platform. It is also an informational and promotional application  which offers you things such as coupons, membership and discounts on particular company they cooperate with. You can also use this application to make an online payments and even to find a restaurant or hang out places near you.


140523 Sooyoon for Kpoppin Ugly Truth

Sooyoon is back on Kpoppin! If you've missed it or want to rewatch, here is recording (this week with video)


140516 Sooyoon for Kpoppin's Ugly Truth

Sooyoon was back for another session of Ugly Truth with Isak. You may remember that Moon took over last week as Sooyoon was sick. Unfortunately, Kpoppin decided no video for today, but here is the audio recording of today's episode. (We got a glimpse of SY before they turned off the video feed. He was wearing a light shirt and a dark red / maroon cap.)


[TRANS] 100 Questions 100 Answers with Royal Pirates Part 11

 Today's questions are related to style and attire~
Look at that wonderful hair
Q84. Hairstyle you want to try once?
Moon: all back
James: Mohawk
Sooyoon: red (you already have? XD)

Q85. What do you usually dress like?
Moon: neat and clean, casual
James: trousers, t-shirts
Sooyoon: casual

Q86. Required item you're always carrying?
Moon: mobile phone
James: mobile phone, earphones
Sooyoon: mobile phone

Q87. Favourite fashion items around this time?
Moon: beige jacket
James: hat
Sooyoon: sunglasses

Q88. At bed time, what do you wear to sleep?
Moon: underwear
James: underwear
Sooyoon: t-shirts


[VIDEO]140509 Moon for Kpoppin's Ugly Truth

As Sooyoon is sick (get well soon!), Moon took his spot this week. If you missed it, here is the recording


[TRANS] 100 Questions 100 Answers with Royal Pirates Part 9

NOTE: There may be errors in this translation but we'll update later!

Q70: If I am to be reborn, I want to be a man or a woman?
Moon: Man
James: Man
Sooyoon: Man... (A/N will update later )

Q71: What will you do first if you have a superpower for a day?
Moon: It's a secret. Joke. Teleportation
James: I want to treat sick people.... (A/N will update later )
Sooyoon: Time travelling (A/N not sure about this, will update later.)

Q72: What do you think you were on the previous life
Moon: King
James: Wolf
Sooyoon: Hunter

Q73: 6 months holiday/break, where do you want to go?
Moon: South East Asia, Japan
James: LA, Brazil
Sooyoon: Japan

Q74: If you can be anyone for a day who will it be? What will you do?
Moon: Spiderman - I want to fly around the streets of New York.
James: Bill Gates - I want to put 100 billion won to my account.
Sooyoon: Goku - Because I want to jump to the sky.

Q75:  If you were to go to a deserted island, what 3 things will you bring?
Moon: Guitar, lighter, knife
James: knife, lighter, picture of parents
Sooyoon: phone, dog, pillow

Q76: If you can have anything for 1 day, what would it be?
Moon: 500 Billion
James: Bill Gates' credit card
Sooyoon: Studio

Source: http://ameblo.jp/royalpirates/entry-11843791294.html
Thank you Google and Bing Translator.  


[TRANS] Fall For Us if you Dare- Royal Pirates, STARAZ March 2014 Issue

"Don't fall for them." Even though you draw the line and try to push them away, these guys won't budge in the least bit. In the first place, there is no reason to push them away. Their skills are solid and they lack nothing in terms of looks. I met with the young and fresh Royal Pirates who, in spite of this, introduce themselves as the world's awkwardest band who are yet unused to the title of 'entertainer'.

Your appearances have changed. It’s a different and refreshing style.
Moon: I’ve cut my long hair short. I was told, told to do so if I were to express a British modern visual. (Laughs) Honestly, fashion is hard.
Sooyoon: Our music has become brighter, so I wanted a natural and more approachable appearance.

James’ Korean has improved.
James: I hoped to take lessons for 4 months, but there was no time. But even now, I study when I have time.

Then are there any difficult pronunciations that come up when you sing?
J: So far I haven’t come across any difficult pronunciations, but because I take a long time to record, the producer gets annoyed. (Laughs)

It’d be good if Moon and Sooyoon also taught James Korean.
J: When it’s just the three of us, English is easier.
M: That’s true, but life is a lonely road. (Laughs)

“Drawing The Line” has only been selling for 2 weeks, but it got to number 8 on America’s Billboard Albums Chart.
M: Why did it go up? It’s probably a mistake.
S: Initially we found out because the fans put up a bulletin and it seemed like it was photoshopped.
M: It seems that we got a lot of attention through our appearance on Arirang TV’s Afterschool Club.
J: Even though we say things like this, we’re very happy.

The songs on this album are softer than those on the previous single.
M: “Drawing The Line” is about loving a girl who plays hard to get, but we put in a lot of band sound. Also, the ballad “See What I See” has beautiful lyrics. A different version of the previously released “On My Mind” is also on the album, with an arrangement that shows more of our own color. Because of this, we’re really attached to it. In “You”, like in “On My Mind”, we sing about our happy moments when with that person.
S: “Fly To You” was written lightly, but it was unexpectedly well received. The song came into being whilst whistling, and because it has a sweet sound, female fans say they listen to it often.

In the music video for “Drawing The Line”, James wore a skirt.
J: I really don’t like wearing skirts. It’s not a memory. I told the visual director how I felt, but he said that it’d be good if I were it. If you look at the scene where I’m wearing a skirt and posing in front of a supercar, I was a bit stiff. I was upset. But now if I think about it, because it was a new experience, it could also be a good experience. I became ‘skirt guy’.
M: Like this, James because the guy that wears skirts. (Laughs)

Moon shows various types of performances [in the music video]. When Moon stealthily grabs the woman’s hand, wasn’t he slapped on the cheek?
M: It was a one-take filming, so I was slapped for every take. There was also a cut where I was smacked harder.

Sooyoon’s dancing also left an impression.
S: At first, I made smaller movements in the back, but the director wanted more. So embarrassingly, those moves all came out. Personally, I like the band version of the music video more. Originally, that was the footage for the teaser, but the director got a feeling and decided to use the full version instead. Under cool lighting, our performance was full of a chic image.

What kind of music video do you want to film next?
M: How about something like Busker Busker’s “Love, at first”.
S: Because it’s spring, it would be nice to film outdoors.
M: A free and peaceful feeling while riding a car would also a nice image.
J: I don’t know. (Laughs) A psychedelic feeling like Zedd’s “Clarity”, but it’s not really for spring, so I’ll put the idea away.
M: We’ll think about it.

During the Valentine’s Day event, fans received a requested song. Sooyoon’s “One Hundred Roses” was first, Royal Pirates’ “Fly To You” was second, and Ra.D’s “I’m In Love” was third. Was this the list you expected?
S: I wrote “One Hundred Roses” as an emotional twenty-year-old; when I could not properly date, I used my imagination to write this song. With what self-confidence I had I uploaded it on YouTube, and fans found it. Honestly, I’m a bit embarrassed, but I was happy it was chosen as number one.  Because the composition was done well, please listen to it sometime.
M: I expected “I’m In Love” to place first. Even in the past, we saw comments that it was great if we sang this song, but I guess you should always prepare for the worst. (Laughs)

What other songs fit this sweet description?
S: Dynamic Duo’s “Good Love” and 4Men’s “Baby Baby”.
M: Paul McCartney’s “My Valentine” is still classy now, because it’s straightforward and about a valentine.
J: Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” also fits.

Are there any anniversaries like Valentine’s Day that you celebrate?
M: I’m don’t really celebrate. Last year my birthday passed without realizing, and other anniversaries are even more difficult. I also don’t know what I’m supposed to do [during these anniversaries].
S: I also don’t like those types of days. There are a lot of bad memories. There are a lot of sad memories right before Christmas, my birthday, and other anniversaries. Now I’m tense and uneasy.
J: I always gift a song and try my best filming music videos. Aren’t things in which I express myself fun?
S: Of course I try to celebrate, but there doesn’t seem to be much merit [in doing so]. (Laughs)

What do the three of you normally do when you’re together?
S: We’re usually depressed. Because it’s really empty with only the three of us in the dorms, I feel a little depressed. (Laughs) It’s to the extent that even when we repeat the exact same topics, we laugh at the same points as if listening to them for the first time. (Laughs)
M: It’ll be like that even ten years later. Our grandfathers are like that too.
J: It’s really sad. But we still go eat delicious food!
S: That’s true, on days we end our schedules early, we go to Moon-hyung’s parents’ restaurant and all talk together.
J: Even though we watched separately, we all watched the movie About Time. Sooyoon and Moon strongly recommended it, and my acting teacher watched it too, but I was very dissatisfied and disappointed.
M: It’s a film that left a lingering impression, but not everyone thinks it left a good impression. The film conveyed family love and the value of each day, but it didn’t seem to be what James likes.
S: I don’t have many memories of my grandfather as a child. I only went to school and stayed in my room practicing music, and didn’t go out a lot. Watching About Time, I realized the preciousness of family, and connections between people can be reestablished. James is an insensitive robot.
J: Unbelievable! It didn’t meet my expectations so I wasn’t satisfied with the movie, but usually I like these types of movies. (Laughs)

So your acting teacher also recommended About Time. So recently James has been receiving guidance in acting?
S: Because we’re in an acting company, all of the members have to learn the basics of acting. If we pursue acting, we’re familiar with being band members and people who came from overseas, but first, we need to improve our skills.
J: I admire Bae Soo-bin sunbae-nim’s acting in the drama Secret Love.  I really hope I’ll be able to act as well as he does.
S: I have the looks of a typical Asian, so I would want to act in a historical drama.
M: Recently I’ve been watching Potato Star 2013QR3, which is entertaining, so I’d like to act in a sitcom.

Just recently, you’ve served as the opening stage for Lee Minho’s concert.
M: It was an opportunity obtained through the friendship of our two companies. We sang “Drawing The Line” and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. To date, it was the largest audience for which we’ve performed but I had caught a serious case of the flu, which was a great shame.
S: We stood in front of 50,000 audience members, but because it wasn’t our own concert, we weren’t nervous at all. Even so, their response was amazing, so we enjoyed the experience.
J: We want to perform again at a large venue.

Do you have the desire to appear on variety shows?
M: Not yet, but we’re all practicing individually. I know how to imitate SpongeBob’s laugh.
S: I can do Optimus Prime’s voice!
J: Don’t I resemble a llama? I can imitate a llama’s crying.

On which variety shows will SpongeBob’s laugh, Optimus Prime’s voice, and a llama crying appear?
M: Uncles that make the children laugh appear on Dad, Where Are We Going?. Since I have a sister many years younger than me, I’m pretty good at playing with kids, so even if they spend two hours with me, they won’t be scared and won’t cry.
J: Recently on Dream Team 2, even my soul was rent out of my body so I hope that we can go on Radio Star and have our souls rent from our bodies together.

As mentioned before, it’d be great if Royal Pirates showed us activities in various fields. Nonetheless, Royal Pirates’ roots are in music, so please give us some hints for the next album.
M: I tend towards R&B, Sooyoon likes folk, and James likes pop, so our album will have a mix of genres.
S: To get closer with the public, we’re in the process of trying different things. Until now, we’ve been composing together, but in the next album, our individual styles will be more definite. We’ll have solo songs, as well as songs together.

Lastly, are there any last words you want to say?
M: “Please make more broadcasts.” In the future, we’ll make a lot more music.
S: “Please remember our name.” Royal Pirates is a long and difficult name, so people have a hard time remembering it. Even close hyungs and close friends who know our songs have to ask what our band name is. Even when we shorten our name to “RP”, people don’t remember. We are Royal Pirates with strong live performance.
J: “Thank you always, fans, and Mom I love you.” Our broadcast time may be short now, but we look forward to the day we get more broadcast time. My thankful heart for fans and family will never change, and everyone please watch out for us!

Source: STARAZ Magazine, March, 2014 issue

Translator: @molcapi, @89skim
Thank you to @royal_pearl_ for the photos!

[TRANS] 100 Questions 100 Answers with Royal Pirates Part 8

School life edition today!

Q65: Was your elementary and secondary school a boys' school or co-ed?
Moon: Co-ed
James: Co-ed
Sooyoon: Co-ed

Q66: Do you like or hate to study?
Moon: Hate
James: I like
Sooyoon: Till college, I liked.
(A/N Sooyoon said before that he sucked at Physics but he was an engineering major so he pretty much was miserable in college. LOL)

Q67: My favorite subject is?
Moon: History
James: English
Sooyoon: Mathematics and literature

Q68: Most hated subjects?
Moon: Math, Science
James: Mathematics
Sooyoon: Science

Q69: Nickname in school?
Moon: Octopus
James: None
Sooyoon: TV. Was broad.
(A/N Sooyoon told a story about this in one of radio interviews that he was called TV because he had broad shoulders.)

Source: http://ameblo.jp/royalpirates/entry-11843778923.html