Royal Pirates take on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Tagged by Eric Nam yesterday, James, together with Moon and Sooyon took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today, right after their photo session of their second show at Club Citta. You can see James and Moon testing out the water and jumping because of the coldness. They've also spoke about peace in Asia and tagged Korea and China President and Japan's Prime Minister.

While the Moon and Sooyoon got buckets, James decided to step it up and use the ice chest filled with cold water. After dumping cold water on themselves, the boys proceeded to throw water at each other, earning laughter from the fans watching. Watch the fun clip below.

Sooyoon even posted an Instaram photo of the challenge.


Royal Pirates Official Merchandise

Royal Pirates comeback with their 2nd live performance in Japan!

To everyone who are looking forward to their live show, they also bring us some official goods. Make sure you don't miss it because it is only in limited quantities!

Cheering Towel ¥1,500 

 Badge ¥1,500 

2nd Mini Album Love Toxic (Korean version) ¥2,000

 Clear File (two set) ¥1,000

Light Stick ¥1,500

T-shirt ¥3,900

The official goods can be purchased on the day of the event at merchandise booth on the venue. If you are going to the live show, make sure to bring extra money because they only receive cash. After the event, the official goods will be available on Royal Pirates Japan fan site. At the moment, we still don't know if they can ship it worldwide. We will update once we get more information.

Royal Pirates 2nd Live in Japan & Promotional Event

The long-awaited event is here! Royal Pirates will hold their second live show in Japan. 

On August 20th, at Club Citta Kawasaki, Royal Pirates who will make their comeback this August, will held their second live show, they prepare two shows, day and night.

After the live show, they will hold a fan meeting, hug event, and photo event. But unfortunately, the photo event is for japan fan club member only.

Please refer here for more info:

Royal Pirayes Japan 2nd Live Show


August 20th, 2014
At Club Citta (Kawasaki)
Day time show: Doors open at 14:00/ Start at 14:30
Night time show: Doors open at 18:00/ Start at 18:30

Live show, talk, and games.
After performance, there are also fan meeting and hug event.

The photo event is for fan club members only.
Ticket Price
Fanclub member: ¥ 7,300 + ¥500 admisson that you have to buy separately on the venue

General price: ¥ 7,500 + ¥500 admisson that you have to buy separately on the venue

On the admisson, you will be guided and organized according to numerical order

Tickets sell at Royal Pirates Japan fan site. Check here for more information http://www.royal-pirates.jp/archives/687/. You can also contact them through email (info@royalpiratesjapan.com) and call center (03-5458-9999)

Today, on August 19th, they also held a promotional event on Tower Records Shibuya. They conducted a pre-sale for their new album "Love Toxic" that will be released in South Korea on August 27th. They  even hand-over the album directly to the people who bought it on the spot!

credit to towershibuya.jp 

credit to @motomachitomo at Twitter

Are you excited for their upcoming album? Stay tune for more information and news!


[NEWS] Royal Pirates Release Third Digital Single "Seoul Hillbilly"

Royal Pirates are back with their third digital single "Seoul Hillbilly". If you are following, they performed this song couples of times already, on their busking event and Soundholic Festival.

According to Apple of The Eye Entertainment (AEENT), "Royal Pirates’ third digital single “Seoul Hillbilly” was composed putting in the experience and feelings lead vocal Moon felt while he was recording SBS “Laws of the City” in New York."

The message itself is about overcoming fears and experience more towards the world. The song also expresses courage and hope for the youth generation to be brave and enjoy themselves more.

"The message of hope and bravery comes about because each of the three members of Royal Pirates grew up in the heart of American culture- LA, and had come to an unfamiliar city- Seoul to find their own hopes and dreams; The song also tells of the Royal Pirates’ own story of overcoming many difficulties and fears by moving forward one step at a time," says AEENT.

They also shared a promotional video mainly shows their busking event. 

The song is now available through online domestic music portal sites. Check Royal Pirates official website for more information.

Thanks to FY Royal Pirates for the album intro and lyric for Seoul Hillbilly.



Royal Pirates rocked the stage on Hyundai Card Citybreak 2014 event.

On the first day of Hyundai Card Citybreak event held at Seoul World Cup Stadium, Royal Pirates made their performance. Stood in stage, dressed in simple t-shirt (and cool shades!) they awe-struck the audiences. Before them, the crowd gathered forming a long line waiting for them to rock the stage. The awe should have been no surprise, since they are getting lots of love since Law of The City and Law of The Jungle aired. Not to mention they announced their comeback soon. Many fans are anticipating them eagerly.

They played songs from their previous albums such as Shout Out, Drawing The Line, On My Mind, and You, some from (hopefully) their upcoming album which were Seoul Hillbilly and 사랑해빠져, Get Lucky cover, and Supernatural (it's been a long time!)

On the same day, also performed many talented musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, Psy, NELL, The Neighborhood, Cocobat, Hoobastank, Deftones, and many more.

Here are some of the fantaken pictures, thanks to the korean fans (and fanbases) we can enjoy their performance too!

All pictures credit to Moonlight and 네임 at Daum Cafe Royal Pirates

There are fancams you can check out from Moonlight account on Youtube

We will update the rest of fan taken photos on our Facebook soon. Be sure to check out and like our page!

ps: thank you for everyone who shared the videos and photos so that everybody around the world can enjoy their performance too!


Royal Pirates at Ryeowook's Sukira with Hyuna

Royal Pirates, Performance of the Rock Version of ‘Sorry Sorry’..Praised by Ryeowook-HyunA.
Rock band Royal Pirates (Moon, Sooyoon, James) performed a rock version of Super Junior’s hit song, ‘Sorry Sorry’, on the radio, eliciting high praises from Ryeowook and HyunA.
On the afternoon of the 2nd, Royal Pirates together with HyunA made a guest appearance on KBS 2FM ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (‘SuKiRa’).

On today’s broadcast, the story behind Royal Pirates’ gratitude towards Super Junior for being able to debut in Korea created a lot of interest. According to Royal Pirates, while doing the band’s activities in Los Angeles, United States, a video of their arrangement of the rock version of Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ created so much interest on youtube that their present company suggested a debut in Korea and that was how they were able to stand on stage in Korea.
Royal Pirates, then, performed the rock version of ‘Sorry Sorry’ in the studio. Super Junior member and SuKiRa DJ, Ryeowook said, “it’s better than the original and listening to the rock version of ‘Sorry Sorry’ feels very different” he praised, and continued, thank you for remaking Super Junior’s song.
As expected, HyunA too showed a great response to the rock version of ‘Sorry Sorry’.
After the broadcast, listeners left comments such as, “the voices of the Royal Pirates’ members are all really great” and “HyunA too fell in love with Royal Pirates, can’t wait for the new mini album.”
Meanwhile, on the afternoon of the 2nd, Royal Pirates will be staging their first guerrilla performance called ‘Conquest Seoul Busking!’ on the southern side of the Seoul’s Banpo Bridge in commemoration of the release of their 3rd digital single, ‘Seoul Hillbilly’. ‘Conquest Seoul Busking!’ will continue at Garosugil, Shinsadong in Seoul on the upcoming 5th at 6PM(KST).

(translated by royalshinu)
Full recording of the radio appearance here


[NEWS] Royal Pirates to Release Second Digital Single

Last night on Law of The Jungle episode 2 we could hear a studio version of a song James sang on After School Club episode 43 and Serosu Live. Twitter were full with fans who were curious about it.

James wrote and composed this song himself in his tough time adapting to live in Korea, leaving his familiar environment in USA to pursue his dream in music. This song shows the strong will of James to win over difficult circumstances and achieve his dream.

Today, Royal Pirates made a statement the song called Betting Everything is scheduled to release on July 21st, 2014 through all online domestic music portal sites. The album itself contains two version of the song, rock version in korean and acoustic version in english.

We are definitely looking forward to it. Lets support James and give much love. We will surely enjoy this, James!

Betting Everything by James and Moon on Serosu Live




[SUMMARY] Law of The Jungle: Indian Ocean Episode 1

This time it's James' turn to show his skills, being cast away in the middle of nowhere. On the first episode of Law of the Jungle: Indian Ocean broadcasted on SBS on July 11th, James, along with other members  (Kim Byungman, Kim Seungsoo, Park Hwisoon, Kang Jiseob, After School's Uee and Teen Top's Niel) traveled to deserted island to live and survive on their own, almost with no belongings. 

source: http://royal-pirates.com/official/?p=1153

The episode covers whole trip from Seoul to the final destination, introducing the cast in the meantime. They explored the land and tried to find things they could use in the future, experienced some difficulties along, here and there, since they have to find food and build a shelter. How will they survive? Watch the full episode if you want to see what happened to them on their first day!

James struggled with his Korean - even though it has improved a lot, yet he still uses English sometimes. You can see him being a gentleman and always ready to help the other members. He is very reliable and even putting his 'giant' body in a good use! There are a lot of funny parts and priceless expressions of him as well. Here is one of the best:

What exactly happened to James? You have got to check out on yourself! We won't spoil the surprise.

Law of The Jungle torrent download links:
Dailymotion RAW
p1 http://t.co/Nih2mfNR8a
p2 http://t.co/MkTXoQOKtv

PS: You can see both funny and handsome sides of James, so make sure you won't miss it and also be ready for the upcoming episodes!


[EVENT] Royal Pirates to Perform at Citybreak 2014

The line-up is finally out! If you want to see more of Royal Pirates and their live performance be sure to get ready for Citybreak 2014 at Jamsil Sport Complex, Seoul. They will perform on the first day, August 9th, along with other amazing line-ups such as Ozzy Osbournes, Psy, Deftones and Hoobastank.

More details in the poster below

They already sell the ticket and only for limited quantities so be sure to check out their website http://citybreak.superseries.kr/ for more information. 



After quite a while, Royal Pirates finally showed up with their live performance. They performed on June 22nd at Soundholic Festival at Jamsil Sport Stadium, Seoul. They kicked-off the stage with their usual awesomeness and an additional guitarist. 

Setlist (in no particular order):
Shout Out
Get Lucky
Seoul Country Bumpkin (their new song!)
On my mind
Drawing The line
Locked out of heaven

Here are some of the official photos of their performance:


You can check out the full gallery here http://royal-pirates.com/official/?cpt_galleries=soundholic-festival-june-2014.

After the performance, they held a fan sign event and some lucky fans even captured the moments and shared it with us.
credit to: Moon Light on Twitter

credit to: Moon Light on Twitter

credit to: Moon Light on Twitter

credit to: @Royal_Pearl_ on Twitter

credit to: @do2chu on Twitter

credit to: @Royal_Pearl_ on Twitter

For those of you who couldn't watch their performance, there are some fancams you could enjoy:
Seoul Country Bumpkin (their new song!)
(credit to: Yumi Choi @ Youtube)

And also more videos with Moon's Focus:
and many more!
(credit to: Moon Light)

We also snatched some instagram account that posted their fancams!

ps: thank you for everyone who shared the videos and photos so that everybody around the world can enjoy their performance too!


[SUMMARY] Law of the City Episode 1

On June 11th, Law of The City was broadcasted on SBS. A group of people make a long journey to start a new life in New York City, far from their hometown.

The first episode,  “People of Seoul, Becoming New Yorker”,  where you can get to know more about the characters,  Kim Sung Soo, Lee Chun Hee, Jung Kyung Ho, Baek Jin Hee, and Kim Moonchul, tells us about how they have to live in New York for a month and have to figure out everything on their own. They gave up everything comfortable at home, pushed into a harsh, unfamiliar environment and told to survive.

They made an agreement with Law of The City that from start to finish, they can only rely on their own strength. They will not receive any goods for free and all their living expenses will be earned by themselves, not to mention they can’t use their own money at all. Even Moon who has lived in USA before and speaks fluent English, hasn’t been to New York. Would they survive to live in the city they have never been to?

On the first day of arrival in NY, after 14 hours flight from Seoul, they expected to feel the beauty of The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, but luck is not on their side. Instead of the glamorous Manhattan, they have to live in Brooklyn, in a weird-looking house (?) in an industrial neighborhood. First thing, they gathered all of the stuff they need to prepare and clean the house, sounds piece of cake, but even these basic activities weren’t easy to do. Some of them actually had to dig the trash can to find something useful they can use! Watch the full episode if you want to see their struggle to prepare to live. 

Also in this episode, you can see how Moon’s English skills eased everything and made things a bit easier. The whole NY family relied on him when it came to English-speaking action. His skillful English attracted kids, women, girls, even pets. He even got his nickname because of his popularity, Moon-sanova!

Despite the tension, pressure, and emotion, it seems they are getting closer as time passes by. How will Moon and the New York family survive on their first day? Stay tuned on our website for more updates!

Links to whole episode: PART 1 | PART 2

PS. We are currently working with fuckyeahroyalpirates and Royal Pirates Vietnam to sub the episode. Thanks to Ann of FYRP for the translation! :D



[Newsen article by Reporter Lee Na-rae / photo by Reporter Jung Yoo-jin]

Royal Pirate’s Moon reflected on the hardships of living in New York.

A press conference for SBS ‘Laws of the City in New York’ was held on June 3rd at 4 PM on the 13th floor of the SBS Hall Seoul Yangcheon-gu Mok-dong SBS Broadcast Center. On this day, Kim Sung-Soo, Lee Chun-Hee, Jung Kyung-Ho, Baek Jin-Hee, Moon(Royal Pirates), Ailee, John Park, etc cast members and those in charge of directing, Lee Ji-Won PD, Baek Jung-Ryul CP, Ha Seung-Bo (the director of variety programs) attended brightening up the place.

When asked what was the most memorable thing that happened, Royal Pirates Moon answered, “It was really hard at first. I was so hungry that I went through the trash. It was sad. Later on, of course, it felt satisfying though because older bro Chun-Hee (Lee Chun-Hee) made something useful out of some of the trash we had collected.”

Adding honestly “Royal Pirate’s member James came back from filming ‘Laws of the Jungle’ and we still talk about this often. About who had a tougher time… I had a tougher time probably. 'Laws of the City’ gave me a lot of things to think about mentally.”

The concept of the program ‘Laws of the City’ is not simply a short tour of famous tourist destinations but it is a reality program that looks at various walks of life in a different country, in an unfamiliar place called a big city, explained through the use of humor and moving emotion. The concept of the program is that the cast members live in a particular city for the duration of time allotted and live, taking care of their basic needs for living all on their own.

SBS ‘Laws of the City in New York’ is the 2nd project by Lee Ji-Won PD who also created ‘Laws of the Jungle’. It is highly anticipated because it will realistically show the stars’ ability to survive after being dropped without a penny. The first broadcast will be this coming June 11th.

Translation: @89skim


Translator's Note: By the way, if you haven't already seen it, this is what @moonchul had to say in regards to this headline. xD

Translation: "I didn't go through the trash because I was hungry but because I was trying to find something useful lol"