The Royalties

The Royal Pirates

Royal Pirates with members  Moonchul, Sooyoon, and James is a rock band that debuted in August 25, 2013 under Apple of the Eye Entertainment in Korea. They were previously based in Southern California. Moonchul and Sooyoon have lived in the United States for 10 years, while James was born and raised in the United States. They are all full Koreans.

Formerly known as Fading From Dawn in the year of 2004 with members: Moonchul, Sooyoon, and Richard(Moonchan). Richard, Moonchul's brother-the bassist in the band, passed away on 4.11.08 in a terrible car accident. Moonchul and Sooyoon couldn't be Fading From Dawn without Richard and decided to change their name to Royal Pirates. James, ex Azusa, joined Royal Pirates as bassist in Sep. 2009. 

로얄P.(Royal Pirates) 는 2004년도에 결성된 Fading From Dawn 이란 이름으로 미국 캘리포니아에서 활동했었습니다. 2008년 4월 밴드의 베이시스트인 문찬 (보컬 문철의 친형)이 안타까운 교통사고로 인해 고인이 된 후 로얄P.로 이름을 바꾸고 활동하고 있습니다. 2009년 9월부터 베이스 기타 주자로 제임스를 영입하여 본격적인 활동을 준비중입니다

Name meaning 

"'Royal' and 'Pirates' are relative words. They're mirror opposites of our band's identity. We named it with our band's goal to connect to 'royal' lineage of rock bands by being today's legends, and to make the music beyond generations and express  freely with spirits of 'pirates' in the voyage." (quote from Daum Music Bar Interview)



  • 9th September - 1st cover on Youtube – Muse “Time is Running Out”, followed by covers of various kpop songs such as the Wonder Girls’ viral hit song "Nobody," DBSK’s "Mirotic," Super Junior’s "Sorry Sorry," etc. They also covered Britney Spears’ "Circus," which was even featured on Britney’s homepage.


  • 3rd April – invitation to Star King because of the popularity of “Sorry Sorry” cover. Due to scheduling conflicts and the fact they did not wanted to be seen as “cover band”, they've refused the offer.
  • 14th May - appearance on the Korean news channel YTN.
  • 3rd June - appearance on allkpop. They debuted their original song "Crawling Out," written by Moonchul.
  • 20th September – James joined the band.
  • 10th October – Moon and Sooyoon's interview for KoME World.
  • 23th October – James is introduced in the KoME shoutout video.
  • December cover of “All I want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey.


  • 7th March – “Disappear”, 1st MV release
  • Summer signing of the contract with Apple of the Eye.
  • 2010-2011 – Training in Musician’s Institute in Hollywood.


  • 5th May - gig for One Day’s Wages
  • 17th June – performance at The Cat Club in West Hollywood
  • 7th July – performance at The Mint in Los Angeles
  • 16th July – acoustic performance at KAH Asian Restaurant & Lounge in Manhattan Beach
  • 5th August – performance at The Roxy, Los Angeles
  • 27th August – performance at The Viper Room, Los Angeles


  • 11th January – all of them are finally in Korea for training.
  • 21st April – performance at Men's Fashion Week in Singapore (1st overseas performance)
  • 1st June – guest performance for Danny Jung's concert in Seoul (1st Korean performance)



  • 24th March - release of japanese album "Shout Out"
  • 29-30 March - promotional events in Japan, including fansigning and also performing along Lee Min Ho during his concerts
  • 31th March - 1st concert in Japan on Laforet Harajuku

The Royalties

"I won't say what needs to be said but say what needs to be heard."


Full name: Kim Moonchul (김문철)
Birth date - 2nd September 1988
Birth place - Incheon, South Korea
Blood Type - O
Height - 178cm

Additional info:
  • His English name is Andrew
  • Describes himself as  adventurous, sarcastic, and evil
  • Besides guitar he can play bass, drums and piano.
  • He is afraid of insects
  • He has been singing since he was around 13
  • His favourite bands are Muse and Coldplay

"Sometimes it's good to slow down and practice being present" 

Bass Guitar/Subvocals
Full name: James Lee Joohyun (이주현)
Birth date - 9th June 1988
Birth place - Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Blood Type - A
Height - 188cm

Additional info:
  • He has been playing the bass since sixth grade.
  • Besides bass he also plays six-string guitar and even played trumpet in fourth grade.
  • He loves Mexican food.
  • Before joining Royal Pirates he was a bassist in other bands, including metalcore Azusa and the frontman for The Clear and Conscious.


 “I don't have enough talent to be a special artist. But I do have greater passion”

Full name: Kim Sooyoon (김수윤)
Birth date - 17th December 1989
Birth place - Seoul, South Korea
Blood Type - A
Height - 180cm

Additional info:
  • Besides drums he can also play bass and guitar.
  • He released few solo songs, including “One Hundred Roses” and “Like Butterflies”
  • Has sweet tooth – loves chocolates.
  • He has been playing the drums since he was around 13 and guitar since he was around 14. 
  • He hates when it's raining.
  • He is huge fan of Pikachu and he has also played all Pokemon games.